A Testimony : John 1

page1image376“Greetings to you in savior Jesus name. My name is Chennayya which is Hindu god name later changed as, John‟ by a servant of God. I was born and bought up in an orthodox Hindu family. I am married and blessed with 2 kids. I used go against Christians and Christianity, many times I‟ve disturbed open air gospel meetings along with my crew. We never allow Christians to live in our community.

Professionally I am a chief labor and few people work under me. I was a daily customer to the Bar & restaurant, every day evening before I get home I used to be fully drunk. The funny thing is I get my salary on daily basis, when I go to that Bar those boy used to steal my money after I fully drunk. Next day morning I use hit my wife saying that she stolen all my money. This become routine in my life. After few days my wife fed up with my behavior she decided to leave me and asked me for divorce. I lost Job, wife, family.. what not ? all I lost.

I went lot of Hindu holy places to get peace and happiness, but I got nothing. Finally I lost everything including money. I‟ve become mentally depressed and decided to kill myself by throwing myself under train. That day night I went to railway train track to commit suicide, before I commit suicide I started to mourn with a loud voice saying that „is there any one to save me?‟. After few moments I cried went on train track laid my head on track. Suddenly I heard a voice saying “Here I am for you”, I just woke up and searched around that is there anyone watching me, but no one was there. Now time is 2:00 am in a dark place I laid my head on train track again and looking for train to go over me. As I was laid down and looking at Sky, I have seen a big Burning Cross in the Sky and scared a lot, got up and hid myself under tree. There Jesus spoke to me that He is there to rescue me and save me.

I went back home that night, next day morning I met a Baptist pastor in our village and explained him what actually happened last night. There he introduced me that His name is Jesus and He died for my and for my sins. So after that I started to read the Bible and pray to Jesus. As I was reading and praying gradually I could observed that a transformation has taken place in my life, I got place and Happiness in my heart. Few days later my wife came back to me and I left all bad habits and began to follow Jesus with my wife. I’ve joined here in Redemption Bible School as a Student. I dedicated my life to serve Jesus who given me peace and made my life meaningful. I will going to the all villages in my division as a evangelist to share the Love of Jesus to my Community People. Thank you for the support to this school. We are so blessed being a student in this school and we are getting trained well here. Thank you so much for that. Remember us in your prayers. We all are interceding for you.”


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One thought on “A Testimony : John

  • Shelly

    What a beautiful and miraculous story of God’s strong love for John! Why am I always so amazed at how God can do such things and reach us in ways that are so supernatural! Thank you John for sharing your testimony and may God bless you with His strength, love, peace and joy as you journey through this life on earth with Him. I thank God for you!