Children’s Home Testimony

G12666303_10153757881161999_5070648_nod continues to show us how He has used and continues to use Redemption Ministry throughout India. The children’s homes that we have started throughout India have always been a big part of the ministry. Creating a God centered home, “parents” and a community for these children who would have otherwise been left on the streets is such a blessing. We wonder how these kids do after they leave and are so blessed when we hear where they are and what they have been up to. Each of their stories is a testimony that shows the mighty blessings and knowledge of God.

While we were in town a young boy saw us and came up. He and his brother lived at one of the children’s home for ten years! They shared some of their favorite memories, like the once a year beach trip we’d take all the kids on. Their dad died and their mother wasn’t able to care for them because she was sickly.  Both boys are now grown and have left the home. They are both working, one as an accountant and the other at an insurance place. They are now taking care of their mother. Glory to God for having a beautiful plan in what can so often seem like such a mess and such sadness. He pulls all things together to work for His good and perfect Glory.

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