Upcoming Project : Village Church Building 1

IMG_0182This has been their church and home for the last three years. It used to be all thatch, but at Christmastime they had an electrical fire and most of the thatch burnt, they put up the tarps.

The pastor is currently in Bible school. He moved to this small village from a bigger city felt because he felt God calling him to the rural villages. He ministers mainly in this village but also goes to 7 other villages to share the gospel.

One of the pictures below show some things under a tarp – that is the sound system and all of their belongings. Even the chairs out front were brought over for us from someone’s house. And when they gave us something to drink, I recognized the glasses from the Bible school.

The Indian culture never fails to bring in color into all of their spaces… I love that they did their traditional decorations on the ceiling of the church. Most are much fancier, they do that every New Years.

We are so very thrilled to be able to partner with this beautiful family to build a church and safer home for them. It is the heart of Redemption Ministry to find those that are faithful and in need. The Lord is faithful, always

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One thought on “Upcoming Project : Village Church Building

  • Shelly

    Look at those smiles. I am overwhelmed with compassion and love for these wonderful chlildren of God who are doing God’s Kingdom work. Their attitudes are beyond comprehension. It is so hard to imagine living as they do and I will admit I can’t go there….I am humbled and blessed at the same time. May God continue to open doors wide for this beautiful ministry. My prayers go with everyone involved this incredible God Story!
    “Your strength comes from God’s grace.”
    Hebrews 13:9