Winter 2015 Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer and fall for us! In this month of being thankful, we are thankful for God’s faithfulness, the ministry God has entrusted to us, for our family, God’s provision, Redemption supporters, and always, His love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness!

“Grace, mercy and peace will be with us, from God the Father
and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.”
2 John 1:3

“I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and
will glorify Your name forever.”
Psalm 86:12

I was able to take a trip to India this past August. Sometimes it is nice to know how things are going when you aren’t there – or when they aren’t expecting you to be there. So I showed up at two of the Bible Schools, totally unexpected. I was so pleased to see that everything was going even better than I had expected! We have been blessed with faithful men and women of God who have a desire to see the Lord glorified. The new school year has started and we have another great group of students in all the Bible Schools.


A testimony from one of our students:
Greetings in Jesus name. My Hindu name was Rama Krishna. I was named after a Hindu god, but now my name has been changed to Aaserwadam, which means ‘blessing of God’. I am from Tamil Nadu state and came from strong Hindu family. Professionally, I am a chief mason. I am married and blessed with two children. My wife also grew up in a Hindu home. We used to worship the idol Anjaneya (Hindu monkey god). My mother had pneumonia and was suffering a lot. We took her to many hospitals and met with so many doctors, but she kept getting worse, until the doctor said there was nothing more they could do and advised us to take her home. One day I was offered to build one Pastor’s house. While I was working, I was listening to the pastor’s preaching about Jesus who healed a man with leprosy. After my work was done for that day, I asked that pastor to pray for my Mother. He asked me to bring her to church so we did. The pastor had fasted and prayed for my mother and miraculously she was healed instantly! I was shocked for a moment because until that time, being a Hindu, we had the belief about god that until we offer animals and sacrifices to god he will never heal any one. But this Jesus healed my mother instantly when Pastor prayed for her. From that time I had a curiosity to know about Jesus, and I started to attend Sunday services. Gradually my faith had grown well in Jesus so I was baptized. Being a Christian in Hindu family is not an easy thing. I was mocked, insulted, and rejected by my own people and community, but I never looked back. I was praying and asking God to help me to overcome all of these problems. Today my family is growing well in Christ and all of my family members have been baptized. While I was working, God called me to work for Him. I asked God what He wanted me to do. There He showed me the way to join in Redemption Bible School and to be trained as his servant. So I left my work and joined here at Redemption Bible School. After my study here, I will be going to minister to Hindu people who are still in the darkness and show them the way to reach the Light, who is Jesus. Thank you for the support that you are doing to help me in Redemption Bible School. We are praying for you all. Please kindly remember me in you devotions that God may use me as His instrument for His work.


The camp meetings at our place in July are always a great time. It’s a lot of work in preparation, but in the end we always feel it is well worthwhile. We were thankful for the gorgeous, hot weather! Pastor Jonathan Wilkins from City Life Church in San Francisco came again along with two of his co-workers – Pastor Marquez Gray, who we meet in India, and Giovanni Estrada. All three of them were a blessing in their ministry to the people. Pastor Jason Gardiner came with a large group from his church in St. Louis. His worship group, along with our Redemption Worship Team, led the weekend in anointed praise and worship. Tony Ayala also came from St. Louis. It was a blessed time for all who were able to be here and be ministered to by these men of God. On Sunday afternoon we always have a baptism service.

The kids had a special treat this year with Cindy Peterson and Carrie coming to minister to them. They brought their bounce house and a caterpillar obstacle. Along with our slip and slide and the great lessons, the kids had a memorable time. As of now, they plan on coming back next year!


Since our last newsletter we have had two men graduate from the Genesis House – Joey and Billy. Joey is working two jobs right now, is getting ready to start some college courses, and just got his own place to live. Billy is working and is also renting from a man he works with. He even brought his coworker to church with him! They both continue to be an active, useful part of the church. We are very proud of both of them and know God has a great plan for their future.

Ron continues to work tirelessly with the men in the house with little break or financial reward. Keep him in your prayers as he continues to mentor these men, and pray for the finances and helpers to come in to run this house.


We would also ask that those of you who believe in the work that Redemption is doing, and have not contributed, that you would consider and pray about giving a donation to the work. Our donations seem to be down, even though the ministry expenses are on the increase. It’s those small monthly donations that keep this work going. We appreciate all those who have helped and always pray God’s blessings to be upon you and your family, and that He would give you the desires of your heart. Thank you for your heart to see the gospel go forth in India, and to see men’s lives changed through the Genesis House.

With love and prayers,

The Redemption Ministry Family

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